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How do you identify? Thank you for asking! I identify as Lisa, as a human, as a parent and partner and sibling, as an American, as a writer, as an activist, a musician, a UU, a word geek, a chess player, etc. And, I identify as a trans-feminine non-binary person. This means that, based on my body at birth, I was assumed to be masculine, but I felt a persistent and powerful sense of wrongness ("dysphoria") trying to inhabit and enact masculinity in the world. Between 2008 and 2015 I underwent legal, medical, and social transition, and now I inhabit and enact femininity in the world. This choice has transformed a life of frustration and dysfunction into one of joy, fulfilment, and a previously unimaginable sense of rightness and wholeness.


A good trans 101 page from

For trans kids and those who love them.

For children of LGBTQ parents.

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