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Zenobia July Cover Image.jpg

We first meet Zenobia standing outside her new school on the first day of class, trying to work up the nerve to go in. No one knows that it's her first day ever going to school as the girl she has always known herself to be, despite having been born with a male body. 

Zen has had as hard life, growing up in a family that did not accept or support her gender identity. One way she survived was by taking refuge online, where she discovered her natural genius for coding and hacking. Now she finds herself in a new city with a new family, and a second chance that's really a first chance to be her real self in the world.


She makes friends, but also tangles with a queen-bee girl and a cyber rival. And when someone vandalizes the school website, she has to decide whether to lie low and hide her gifts, or offer to help and risk the trouble that increased exposure could bring. 

Zenobia July was published in book and audiobook form by Viking Children's on May 21st, 2019.

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