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Lisa Bunker, Author

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Welcome! Thank you for stopping by. I have three new books coming out in 2023. The first, co-written with Kai Shappley, is Joy, To The World, about a young trans girl in Texas who discovers her flair for activism after being kicked off the cheerleading team. (Clarion, 5/9/23.) The second is She Persisted: Rachel Levine, a chapter book in Chelsea Clinton's She Persisted series that profiles our current Assistant Secretary for Health, the first trans person in U.S. history to be confirmed by the Senate for such a high-level post. (Philomel, 6/6/23.) The third is Almond, Quartz, and Finch, a fantasy novel for young readers that started with the question, "What if there was a culture where children were raised without gender and got to choose?" (New Wind, 11/7/23.)

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